The solutions to the problems facing Calgary Firefighters are straightforward.

We need Council to direct Administration, the Chief of the Fire Department, and the General Manager of Community Services to develop a Service Plan and Budget that addresses and mitigates the above noted risks and service gaps by developing: 

  • A four-year phased implementation to meet the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recommended minimum standard of four people on all engines, ladders, and rescue vehicles, so that we can help all Calgarians, regardless of whether they live downtown or on the outskirts of our city. 
  • A four-year phased implementation to have enough firefighters in fire halls, so that we can dispatch the recommended minimum standard of:  

A) 17 firefighters to a low-hazard structure fire,

B) 28 firefighters to a medium-hazard structure fire, 

C) 43 firefighters to a high-risk, high-rise structure fire.

  • A plan that adequately meets City Council’s mandated, provincially legislated and provincially regulated requirements in protection, prevention, recruitment, and fire safety education, and includes the necessary equipment and resources to meet these goals.