We Are Your Calgary Firefighters

Calgary is a large, sprawling city with neighbourhoods that contain a range of structures, from tall apartment buildings to strip malls and office towers.

Calgary is getting bigger and bigger. At the same time, the budget of Calgary’s Fire Department is getting smaller and smaller.


If Calgary continues to grow and our budget continues to shrink, the lives of Calgarians and the lives of firefighters will be put at risk.


We Are At The Breaking Point

We’ve suffered nearly $35 million in budget cuts in recent years, at the exact same time that our city continues to grow bigger and busier.

In 2019, 5 Fire Trucks were taken Out Of Service.

Over the past 5 years, 181 Fire Department positions have been cut.

Calgary has the lowest staffed metropolitan Fire Department in Canada.

Firefighters simply can’t keep Calgarians safe if City Council doesn’t give us the proper tools to do our job.

NFPA 1710 Minimum Standard


The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) developed a document called NFPA 1710 to specify the minimum standard for properly staffed fire halls and trucks. 

The NFPA 1710 minimum standard is based on science and research and it says that engines, ladders and rescues should each have four firefighters. 



Currently in Calgary, engines have the industry minimum standard of four firefighters, while ladders and rescues have only two.


This is putting the lives and homes of Calgarians at risk.

Having enough firefighters in our fire halls and the tools to do our job means meeting the NFPA 1710 minimum standard of four firefighters on engines, ladders and rescues.

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Seconds Matter During Emergencies

We need the tools to reach all Calgarians, no matter where they live in the City.

To keep Calgarians safe, we need to ensure our fire halls and our fire trucks are properly staffed.

Firefighters put out fires, not fire trucks.

With current staffing levels, it is safer to live in Edmonton, Vancouver, or Toronto than Calgary.


We Need the Tools to Do Our Job


Firefighting is a science and how many First Responders show up when you call 911 should not come down to politics. 



We are simply asking for enough firefighters in fire halls and the tools to safely do our job.



Calgary needs to meet the NFPA 1710 minimum standard of four firefighters on Engines, Ladders, and Rescues.



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