Call on Calgary city council to keep their commitment to restore the fire fighting budget.

Calgary fire halls are severely understaffed and the firefighters themselves are spread too thin. A big change needs to happen next year when council sets out their new priorities with a new four-year budget. 

But a budget is being determined from November 22-26 and we can’t afford to keep quiet. 

We are calling on city council to increase the fire department budget.

The cost of ignoring this need is simply too high. Firefighters are burning out and need more support. Fire halls are understaffed, under-resourced, and underfunded. Everyone who lives in Calgary deserves timely access to help in emergencies—be they fire related or not.

As first responders, firefighters always show up, no matter what it takes to get there. It’s our turn to show up for them. Let’s get the budget increased, and from there, fully restored over the next four years.  

Sign the petition now, and show your support.