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'Careless use of fireworks' to blame for multiple grass fires: CFD

Posted November 05, 2021

Fire crews in Calgary responded to multiple grass and brush fires around the city Thursday, with many caused by fireworks.

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Roads in downtown Calgary closed while crews secure shattered high-rise window

Posted November 03, 2021

Emergency crews closed two roads in the downtown core on Wednesday so firefighters could remove broken glass from a high-rise window.

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Calgary fire, CPS call northeast blaze on Sunday morning ‘suspicious’

Posted October 17, 2021

It was a busy night for fire crews throughout our city, which included multiple fires. We are glad no one was injured at these early morning fires. #StaySafe #WorkingSmokeDetectorsSaveLives

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Man rushed to hospital as cat, snakes saved from Calgary fire

Posted October 06, 2021

One person was taken to hospital after a kitchen fire in southeast Calgary on Wednesday.

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Dog rescued from bluff

Posted October 02, 2021

Embankments like these can be dangerous situations, we are glad people called 911 for help from our Technical Rescue team. We are happy this doggo was safely rescued!

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